Language Arts 10

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4th period 1st period
  2nd period

Course Description:

This course develops thinking, reading, writing, research, inquiry, and oral presentation skills.

 Course Objectives:

Students will be capable of inferring, interpreting, analyzing, and appreciating the language. Students will be able to use library and reference materials. Students will be able to compose clear, coherent, and purposeful essays with multiple paragraphs.

Grade System and Class Performance Requirements:

Students must hand in each assignment on the day it is due. Late assignments will be accepted only in extraordinary circumstances (“extraordinary” to be determined by Mrs. Carney).

An “A” means a student is performing at a level of excellence. A “C” means a student is doing the minimum amount and/or quality of work to pass. The following is the grade scale:

A 100% - 93% B 86% - 83% C 76% - 73% D 66% - 65%
A- 92% - 90% B- 82% - 80% C- 72% - 70% F 64% - 0%
B+ 89% - 87% C+ 79% - 77% D+ 69% - 67%

Weighted Grades:

Each assignment is placed into a category, which is weighted. The following are the weighted categories of assignments and the percent each carries toward the total. These weighted percentages may change.

Preparation Points 10% General Assignments 35%
Tests/Quizzes 25% Portfolio Assignments 30%

Please refer to the English Department Policies and the Disclosure Statement for more detailed information.