Myths, Legends, and Folktales Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Use the sites below to do this assignment. The questions following each site are for that site.
Read the question(s) and directions, if given, before moving to the site. Clicking on the link will open the site in a new window.


1. List three Olympian Gods.

2. Who are the Titans?

3. Who was always chasing the Pleiades?

Click on "Mythology Art Galleries"

4. Pick three images that are your favorite and write down a description of each.

Click on "Greek Star Myths" in the column on the left.

5. Who is the Greek god pictured first?


6. List two of the legends you believe could be Australian.

Click on "Cokelore"

7. List three false urban legends about Coke.

8. How long have legends about King Arthur existed?

9. Who was King Arthur's seneschal?

10. When is vespers?

11. How many canonical hours are there?


12. Scroll to “folktale” and write down the basic definition.

13. How many main categories of folktales are there?

14. What are they?

15. In the story of “The Two Frogs,” what were the names of the two cities where the frogs lived?

16. List all the fairy tales about being “abducted by aliens.”

17. Which category of stories do you find the silliest? Why? List all the stories under the heading that you find the silliest.

18. How many different versions of “Beauty and the Beast” are there?

19. From what country do the werewolf fairy tales originate?

20. When were the Grimm Brothers born? (Give exact dates)

21. Write down one interesting thing about the Grimm Brothers.

Use the menu on the left to do this section. 

22. Click on the "Illustrations" link. Find three illustrations that are your favorites. List the artists and why these are your favorites.

23. Click on the "Similar tales across cultures" and write the names of four other stories similar to “Cinderella.”

24. Go to the "Modern Interpretations" and name two movies based on the story.

You will have to type in the word "fairy" in the search box."

25. What does the word "fairy" loosely include? Scroll down to "Etymology

26. How long have fairies been part of folklore?

Scroll to "Tell Your Own 'Three Little Pigs' Story" and click on the link

27. Create and write the "something else's" for all five categories. He gives you examples; now you have to create your own.

28. Who are the two authors who are quoted at the beginning of the page?

29. Who are "the Selchies"?

Click on one of Andrew Lang's books. Click on "about the author."

30. What is Lang known for and what else has he written?

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