Night by Elie Wiesel

Before Reading:
To begin this unit on the memoir Night, students use the websites listed under number 2 to learn about the Holocaust. Students will keep a dialectical journal while working on this assignment.

1. A Dialectical Journal is similar to two column notes. One one side of the page students write down a quotation or fact that is interesting. On the other side students write a personal response. In essence students are have a dialogue with themselves.

2. Visit as many of the sites that you can in the time allotted. Each of the websites has many links from which you can choose. As you read through the accounts, select at least 10 quotations you find interesting, compelling, or perhaps even horrifying and copy them into your journal.

TIMELINE - The Ghettos (1939-1941)

Holocaust Timeline: The Camps

PEOPLE - Victims

3. Then write a personal response of some kind to each of the quotations. Your response could explain what you are feeling or it could even be a question.

4. Read the directions for completing a Found Poem.

5. Write your own "Found Poem" based upon the quotations in your dialectical journal.

During Reading:
While reading Night, students will watch First Personal Singular: Elie Wiesel. This PBS program cannot be found on-line. It is approximately 55 minutes long. Students may check out the dvd from Mrs. Carney for over-night viewing only.

Handouts for Night are listed below. All are .pdf files.
Before You Read and Active Reading chapters 1 and 2
Responding chapters 1 and 2
Before You Read and Active Reading chapters 3 - 5
Responding chapters 3 - 5
Before You Read and Active Reading chapters 6 - 9
Responding chapters 6 - 9