The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Before Reading:
I. Anticipation Guide and Introductory questions

i. Students fill out the Anticipation Guide (.pdf file).



During Reading:
I. Quiz on pages 1 - 50

II. Students will identify the problems facing sea turtles today and record the found information in a graphic organizer. Students will use this website on sea turtles.

i. Click on the graphic organizer above and either print or draw a copy of the turtle..
ii. Record notes from the above website..
iii. Write the names of the five sea turtles common to U.S. waters on the numbered head and flippers of the turtle.
iv. Record at least four of the main problems facing sea turtles on the lines on the turtle's shell.

III. Students will use the information from Activity II and gather more information from the above website.

i. List two or three problems facing sea turtles today. You may use the information from your graphic organizer or new information from the website.
ii. Choose one problem as your focus for your sea turtle conservation poster.
iii. Create a persusasive slogan of 8-10 words. The slogan has to convince the reader that saving sea turtles is vital and worth doing: be persuasive.
iv. Create a drawing that illustrates your slogan.
v. Place your drawing and slogan on either poster board or large paper. You will have to supply this.
vi. Make sure your poster is visually appealing.

IV. Quiz on pages 50 - 94

V. Students will write a letter to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation expressing support for their efforts on turtle conservation.

i. Review your notes from Activities II and III.
ii. Read the information at the Caribbean Conservation Corporation web site.
iii. Write a letter to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation expressing your support for turtle conservation.

Your letter should be written like a multi-paragraph persuasive essay but with a salutation and a closing. To be persuasive, your essay must include:
a. a thesis statement,
b. support for your thesis with evidence and examples,
c. a conclusion

V. Quiz on pages 95-127

After Reading:
I. Read and


III. Final Test—students will need their novels for the test.

Handouts for The Old Man and the Seaare listed below. All are .pdf files.
Anticipation Guide