The Old Man and the Sea Anticipation Guide

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For each of the statements, choose a response from the scale below. Share your answers by discussing them with a partner.

-5 Disagree Strongly -3 Disagree Somewhat 0 No Opinion +3 Agree Somewhat +5 Agree Strongly

  1. _____ A person can be totally destroyed yet not defeated.
  2. _____ Human beings are superior in all ways to animals.
  3. _____ Nature can be very cruel.
  4. _____ Nature gives a great deal to the human world.
  5. _____ Itís usually best not to have too much pride.
  6. _____ If you let people see the "real" you, people will take advantage of you.
  7. _____ When people get old, they are too weak to do most of the things that are important to them.
  8. _____ When a person is old, it is inevitable that he or she will be lonely.
  9. _____ Young people rarely have much sympathy or concern for senior citizens.
  10. _____ Itís important to always fight a good fight, even if you lose.